What's the buzz? Kumoya, which in Japanese means something like a house of fluffy clouds, is the part deux effort of Karafuru Desserts, which closed last year amid a change in management. The concept remains the same - Japanese-inspired French pastries. Kumoya opened in October last year, but was certified halal by MUIS in January 2017. 

Kumoya halal eclairs

How's the vibe? The food may be French, but the decor - as Karafuru's was - remains Japanese minimalist (think white walls and light furniture) with a pop of whimsy. It's not a large space - probably can seat around 20 - so come during off-peak hours if you can. Otherwise, the choice Kampong Glam location means you can always pop by someplace else for halal dessert, like And All Things Delicious or Working Title

Kumoya halal pancakes

What's on the menu? Their petite eclairs, of course ($3 each, plus sets of three, six and 12 starting at $8.50). Karafuru was one of those places that rode the eclair trend of last year. There're around 10 flavours, with classic favourites are cafe au lait and matcha, as well as the more uncommon sakura and yuzu. There are also madeleines ($2.20 each and $9.90 for five) in flavours like maple and pistachio, and macaroons ($2.80 each, plus sets of six and 12 starting at $15.90) in six flavours including salted caramel.

Kumoya halal parfait

For the breakfast people, Kumoya has pancakes - both sweet and savoury - that cost upwards of $14.90 each, while those getting in from the sun can try their Instagram-friendly yoghurt parfait ($14.90 to $15.90 per plate) or their sodas ($7.50) with yoghurt and real fruit. By the way, if you're looking to surprise someone (or yourself), Kumoya has a delivery site for their eclairs.