You knew it was coming. As with almost every other New York food trend, the rainbow bagel has arrived in Singapore. 

On Friday (May 20), Muslim-owned Upper Thomson cafe Word announced on its Facebook page that it has begun to sell (in limited numbers, of course) the pastry first made famous by New York City's The Bagel Store. With its gorgeous waves of vivid Crayola colour and "funfetti" cream cheese filling, it's no wonder that Scot Rosillo's 20-year-old creation became a sensation with the advent of Instagram. 

Rainbow bagel in Singapore

But Word owner Shereen Anwar said the cafe's rendition will go beyond just an Instagram-friendly snack - it'll be a meal on its own. 

She told Halal in the City: "The one on the menu now has a cream cheese strawberry filling and is served with vanilla ice-cream, maple syrup and biscuit crumble. We're working on creating more filling and bagel flavour options so customers can have a variety to choose from." 

Each serve costs $15 and is only available as a dine-in option. According to Ms Shereen, Word doesn't encourage takeaways or plan to deliver its bagels to maintain the quality of the serve. 

Rainbow bagel in Singapore

What do you think? Will Word's psychedelic baby be able to match up with the Brooklyn legend in taste or will be better? As Business Insider describes it, "It's like eating cake for breakfast... Who doesn't want that?"