About Halal in the City

Salam! Thanks for being curious about our work. A brief introduction:

HalalintheCity.com (HITC) is a guide to the modern Muslim lifestyle in Singapore. It’s run by a team of professionals, each with at least five years of experience in magazine publishing for both the print and the web. Having worked with some of the industry’s most valued shareholders, the team offers a discerning insider’s look on what’s happening in the local halal food scene and beyond. While HITC is essentially a business, it’s a business that aims to benefit the Muslim community. This brings us to…

Our review policy

We know how important food is to you – eating is not just a pastime, but also a way of life. And we believe that our readers deserve reviews that are not just entertaining to look at, but also accurate, balanced and honest.  Therefore, HITC stands by the following guidelines in executing the content on the site:

  • Every review (restaurant listing with a star rating) must be conducted incognito, that is without the host knowing, so that the reviewer does not receive any preferential treatment
  • Every review must be completely paid for by HITC. If HITC accepts an invite to an opening event or a media tasting, the content is strictly not labelled a review
  • HITC will only accept invites to media tastings and any other events hosted by restaurants and/or their respective publicity agents for the sake of networking and to obtain information on other aspects of the website, including news and feature stories
  • To ensure that a new restaurant is judged fairly, it is only reviewed after at least three months of operation
  • To ensure that a more balanced judgment is passed, every 1-star or 5-star restaurant will have been visited by the reviewer at least twice in a month


Star rating

The number of stars awarded to a restaurant depends on how well they do in not just one, two or three, but four or more aspects of dining. For transparency, what you see below is the breakdown of the percentage given to each aspect, as well as the star rating given to the different levels of percentage scores. 

Taste: 50% 
Service: 20%
Ambience: 20%
Menu, value for money: 10%
Total: 100%

0 - 10%: 0 star
11 - 30%: 1 star
31 - 50%: 2 stars
51 - 70%: 3 stars
71 - 90%: 4 stars
91 - 100%: 5 stars

If you have more questions about our review policy and star rating, feel free to send us a note through editorial@halalinthecity.com.