The Ramen Stall has a wide-ranging menu containing not just eight types of ramen, but also cold cuts, sushi and sashimi, gyudon, kushiyaki (large prawns torched up with roe and mayo, anybody?) and desserts like matcha soft serve with custom toppings. A bowl of ramen costs $11 to $23.90, while a single sushi and sashimi will only set you back $7.90 to $17.90. The portions are small, but it’s perfect for when you’re out with friends and family, who understandably have not warmed up to the cuisine. Speaking about family, The Ramen Stall II is child-friendly. But our favourite part is this – they’re open till 6am. Steaming hot ramen for sahur is real, folks. And while they’re only open for dinner on weekdays at the moment, the restaurant’s thinking of doing lunch, too for you lucky folks working in the area.