What's purple, square and coveted? 

If you wear the hijab and are an adoring Vivy Yusof fan, you've probably got the answer right - Duck. 

The maker of arguably Malaysia's fastest selling hijabs, Duck is a personal favourite of the Fashion Valet founder, which is probably why it's landing at the FV store in Singapore on Tuesday (Jun 1). 

There's not much in the way of information on Fashion Valet Singapore's Instagram page where the announcement came from, but as we don't see any limited edition packaging, we assume its their mainstay options like bamboo, georgette, mixed crepe and satin that are on offer. 

Duck scarves in Singapore

Duck scarves sell for around $45 each on FashionValet.com. 

Oh and you plan to visit on Tuesday, you might even meet Ms Vivy herself, who said she will be popping by the 313@Somerset store for the first time.